Cop’s uniform melts as he rushes inside burning apartment to rescue 3-year-old boy trapped inside

Rogersville police officer, Alabama, was just finishing his overnight shift when he received a radio call about an apartment fire that could have involved a child.

Although firefighters were only seven minutes away from the scene when they received the call at 4 :45 a.m. March 6, firefighters were still within reach, but Tyler Dison, officer with the Rogersville Police Department, knew he could get there in less than half the time.

“I wanted to get there first,” he said. “I wanted to do more than just wait for the call.”


The cop raced to the scene and arrived three minutes ahead of the firefighters. One of the apartment’s windows had flames coming out of it, while the rest were billowing out heavy smoke.

A frantic woman screaming for her baby was outside the car when he got out.

Dison knew he had no time to think so he ran straight for the fire and forced his way inside.

“I gotta save this child at all costs,” the 24-year-old police officer said.

A burned apartment building in Rogersville, Alabama

After entering the building, Dison returned to the scene holding a three year-old boy in both his arms. Dison then took the child into his police car and drove to the incoming ambulance.

The firefighters helped another resident get out of the apartment after they arrived. In 10 minutes, the team put out the fire.

According to police, the fire wasn’t an accident. It was deliberately started by the boy’s 44-year-old father, who was charged with seven counts of first-degree arson. The father admitted to the police that he set the fire and had left his son in the house.

If nobody had come in to rescue the toddler from the burning building, he wouldn’t have survived the fire.

“His breathing was very shallow, he was very lethargic. He was groaning, he wasn’t really responding,” Dison said.

The child was taken to North Alabama Medical Center and then flown to University of Alabama Birmingham Hospital.

firefighters putting out an apartment building fire

The boy sustained burns in the incident, but he is expected fully to recover and was eventually allowed to return home.

Dison also sustained minor injuries during rescue. He suffered burns to his arms and his uniform melted from his body. His safety was his only concern at the moment.

“I’m just blessed that, that baby is doing OK,” he said.

Dison said it’s the first time he has responded to such a call in his two years on the force. He was prepared and trained for these types situations.

Dison began his career as a firefighter, and then he joined the police force. He claimed that the move was inspired in part by his big brother, a Rogersville Police Officer.

“He always inspired me to do things and I just wanted to be just like him,” he said.

Officer Tyler Dison of the Rogersville Police Department

Rogersville Police Department is proud of Dison’s accomplishments. Rogersville Police Chief Brian Hudson said he would be honored for his heroism.

“He did what were out here to do, protect lives, saves lives,” said Hudson.

“I grew up in this town, I want to protect it always,” Dison said.

The toddler’s mother, Kelsey Tucker, took to Facebook to thank Dison for his life-saving actions.

“I don’t even know where to start to thank Officer Dison for being my baby boy’s hero,” she wrote. “I am beyond thankful for what you did this morning to save him.”

Kudos for this police officer who risked everything to save this child. He’s a real hero!

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