Police Officer Shot in Head Gets Rushed to Surgery, Nurse Catches Him Mouthing 'I Love You' to His Wife

September 10, 2018Sep 10, 2018

In a nation as divided as ours, few things can be certain. However, one of them is that our police officers and men and women in uniform desperately need our prayers.

Recently, one brave officer was shot in the head. His name is Officer Matt Cooper. Cooper was recently responding got a shoplifting incident when a suspect shot at him. Officer Cooper was struck in the head and rushed to the hospital where he would undergo surgery.

While he was being transported into surgery, a nurse witnessed something amazing that Officer Cooper said to his wife. It has since made his story go viral across social media platforms. As he was being wheeled away, Cooper mouther three words to his wife.

"The nurse asked him, 'did you just tell her I love you?' And he nodded yes," Covington Police shared on their Facebook page.

Officer Cooper is truly a remarkable man. He is the happy father of two young children and is also a military veteran. According to Fox, he served in both Iraq and Afghanistan.

Please join us in sending our deepest prayers to Officer Cooper and his family as he recovers. We ask that God miraculously heals his entire body and uses this experience to draw Office Cooper, and his entire family, closer in prayer.

What do you think about this? Let us know your thoughts! Also, be sure to pray for everyone who is in the path of the deadly storm back east. Read the latest updates on the storm in our other article.