Cop in Uniform is Ejected from College Classroom

February 03, 2016Feb 03, 2016

As reported on Fox News, a Georgia police officer was ejected from a college classroom. The reason? The instructor was "uncomfortable" that he was wearing his uniform and his gun.

It has been widely reported that the overwhelming majority of college faculty nationwide tend to be liberal. But to eject a trained law enforcement professional — who was just trying to take a college class and had not changed out of his uniform — is taking things to a new level.


Not only that, but the officer was "escorted from the class" — as if he were a troublemaker or a common criminal. The university, Darton State College in Georgia, has now apologized for the incident, which happened just this last week. Their statement said "We have apologized to the officer for our misunderstanding when he attended class on our campus, and we regret this happened."

Let's hope that the liberal institutions of our country begin to honor our men and women in uniform, whether in the armed services or the police, and not escort them from the classroom.