Controversial Thoughts About Abortion From A Man's Point Of View

March 15, 2016Mar 15, 2016

We are bombarded everyday with the idea that abortion is a battle for "women's health." But where are the men in all of this? It's their babies too, right? And many have justly said that if men were to step up more, women wouldn't have so many abortions. And you can certainly see the logic in that. Women need to feel supported to bring life into the world.


However, the abortion conversation has become so backwards that women are now demanding to be able to kill their babies, telling men to absolutely stay out of it. So many men--most men--do: they're afraid to say anything against women's choice because it's "not their body."

But here, conservative blogger and outspoken pro-lifer Matt Walsh says that men *do* have a say in the matter. Here's his 3 points, taken from his longer article, that he wants to share. He writes, "Here’s why abortion is more than just a women’s issue:

1) The truth is not subject to your [gender]. Here’s what it comes down to: abortion is murder or it is not. Unborn children are people or they are not. It is morally acceptable to kill an innocent human being or it is not. A woman cannot change the objective answers to these questions, and neither can a man.

2) No woman has ever reproduced without the indispensable assistance of a man. The reproductive act is one that requires 100 percent from each of the participants. That’s the wonder of human sexuality: it’s complementary and co-creative. If done in the right context, for the right reasons, it’s a mutual expression of love and devotion, and from that expression there is the possibility of an entirely new life forming.

Now, I make no excuses for men who abandon their families, but I do think progressives have put themselves in a position where they cannot condemn such men without being spectacular hypocrites (not that they ever let a little hypocrisy slow them down). It’s certainly detestable for a man to reject his children, because they are his children. They were his children from the beginning, and will remain so until the end. And they are her children, too. And that is the whole beauty of it. They are totally hers and totally his.

3) Men are duty-bound to oppose abortion. There are only two types of pro-abortion men: those who are deeply confused about the issue, and those who are selfish, cowardly creeps. The men who conceive children and act so “supportive” when the woman considers abortion are not actually supportive at all. Supporting is precisely the thing they wish to avoid doing. A man has a duty to his child, and when you “support” a woman’s decision to kill your own son or daughter, you have shirked that duty in the worst possible way.

And men have a duty not just to their own children, but to society generally. Men should be protectors of the innocent and warriors for truth and dignity. Men are called to show strength, leadership, and moral clarity in the face of atrocities like abortion. Men are commanded to “stand in the gap,” as it says in Scripture. Men who fail in this regard do so out of fear, or perhaps out of ignorance, but never out of tolerance or respect."

It's wonderful to hear a man speak up like this. Do you agree? Let us know how you feel in the Comments! Thank you!