Consumer Complaints Lead To 130,000 Pounds Of Chicken Being Recalled

April 28, 2017Apr 28, 2017

Foster Poultry Farms, known for their all natural cooked chicken products, is recalling 131,880 pounds of frozen, breaded chicken products after receiving three consumer complaints.

Consumers reported finding pieces of plastic in the chicken.

These products were sold in various locations on the west coast including California, Utah, Washington and Alaska.

Please visit the USDA website for product label information.

Two other chicken-related recalls are currently active, as well. This means more than 1 million pounds of ready-to-eat chicken products total have been recalled this year.

In beginning of March, Wayne Farms recalled more than 6 tons of their 'Waffle Breaded Chicken Bites' for being undercooked. Click here for more information.

In late March, OK Foods also recalled over 900,000 pounds of breaded chicken after discovering metal pieces in certain products, which was distributed to retail stores and schools nationwide putting many children and families at risk. View the full list here.

If you own any of these chicken products, please throw them away or return to the store immediately for a full refund.

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