Consumer Alert: New Scam Targets Vulnerable Airline Travelers

June 22, 2017Jun 22, 2017

Before you click on the authentic-looking email from your airline, make sure it’s legitimate.

A new scam is in operation as the summer traveling season has quickly come upon us, and scammers have come up with a malicious way to steal personal data from travelers’ computers, according to news channel WABC 7 out of New York. 

What happens is a person receives what appears to be an email from an airline company, with the same logo and feel as a genuine one. The email prompts you to click on a link to update certain information. But the clink is actually a Trojan Horse that downloads vicious malware data onto your computer.

Personal information, ranging from passwords, credit card information, banking information and more is compromised. “If you click on this, it takes you to a site that’s loaded with Malware,” said Adam Levin, CyberScout founder.

CyberScout is a company dedicated to preventing hackers and thieves from ruining peoples’ lives.

“It’s looking for email information, login information, VPN information, banking info, app info,” said Levin. “The list is endless.”

Though the emails appear identical to authentic emails from airlines, there are important, though small, differences. For example, a legitimate email from a company like Delta will have its return address as “,” but the imposter email would say “,” adding an “a” to the company name.

Furthermore, there may be spelling or typo errors that may be hard to spot at first glance, but on closer scrutiny are there. Also, according to WABC, an airline would never ask one of its customers to click on a link to access or provide information about a flight; rather, it would have that information already visible in the body of the email.

Levin stresses that it’s always important to verify, and to never click on a link until you know it’s legitimate.

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