Conservatives Outraged After Identity of Mollie Tibbetts' Murderer Is Released

August 21, 2018Aug 21, 2018

At a press conference Tuesday afternoon, local law enforcement in Iowa announced that they had a suspect in custody for the kidnapping and murder of Mollie Tibbetts. 20-year-old Tibbetts, who was studying psychology at the University of Iowa, had been missing since July 18.

The sheriff confirmed that they are filing first degree murder charges against the suspect, Christian Bajina Rivera.

Rivera is an illegal immigrant. He has been in the United States for approximately 4-7 years.

Rivera led them to the body, which they found Tuesday morning. It has not be identified, but they believe it’s the body of Mollie. 

The suspect admitted to running alongside Mollie for some time. He told officials he had followed her and allegedly also ran alongside or behind her. She confronted whims saying she would called the police. He then claimed he blacked out. 

Rivera led police to Mollie's body after he admitted to the crime. The law enforcement agent says she was found in a cornfield. There were cornstalks placed on top of her. 

Police say Rivera wasn't a suspect until yesterday. According to the Des Moines Register, they were able to find him through surveillance footage.  Investigators were able to identify him after officials identified his vehicle in the same area Tibbetts was last seen running. 

"For whatever reason he chose to abduct her," said the sheriff in the conference. 

After the tragic news broke, conservatives took to Twitter to express their sorrow and outrage over her death. They pointed out that it was a murder committed by someone who never should have been living in the United States in the first place.

Conservative voice Tomi Lahren wrote, "This is an absolute outrage. When are we going to wake up and say enough is enough?! Illegal immigration kills. Period." 

In a later tweet, she added, "Just watch as all the Liberals go out of their way to defend the illegal immigrant who killed Mollie Tibbetts. Is he one of your DREAMErs, too? Sick."

Others echoed her feelings. 

Please pray for Mollie's family as they deal with their loss. Mollie was a beautiful and vibrant young woman who was taken much too soon. Her family and community will always remember the positive impact she had on their lives.