After Raising $1 Million in Donations, Conservative Singers May Visit Houston

September 01, 2017Sep 01, 2017

Houston has been dealing with a very tragic situation for weeks after being hit with Hurricane Harvey in August— over 40 people have lost their lives, dozens have been injured, and thousands of homes and businesses have been destroyed. Thankfully, much of our nation has come together during this troubling time.

The American people have prayed and donated to various causes, hoping the aftermath from the tropical storm will soon slow down. Many well-known names have contributed by either donating their own money or raising funds for people in Texas.

President Donald Trump was one of many who donated $1 million of their own funds towards relief efforts. Additionally, NFL star J.J. Watt has made headlines for raising over $10 million to go directly towards the people struggling in Houston.

Conservative singers Joy Villa and Kaya Jones recently hit their million dollar mark in donations for Mercury One, a charity organization contributing to those impacted by Hurricane Harvey. Villa became popular earlier this year after wearing a Trump dress to the 2017 Grammy Awards; Jones is a solo singer who was formerly a member of the singing group, “Pussycat Dolls.”

Jones made an exciting announcement on August 31st, saying her and Villa would like to contribute in other ways besides financially. In a video announcement, Jones said, “Me and Joy are thinking we need to go out to Houston.”

She continued, “We were already able to raise over a million dollars with your donations for 100% of the proceeds are going to the relief. Would it be more helpful if we went out there on the ground and got our hands dirty, brought more awareness?”

She also stated that she is hoping they can raise $5 million. Watch the video below for more information and please keep the Hurricane Harvey victims in your thoughts and prayers.

A Christian actor also recently he announced that he will be donating $1 million towards Hurricane Harvey relief efforts. A portion of his donations will benefit Joel Osteen’s church.

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