Conservative Comedian Goes Undercover To Reveal The Major Flaw In “Common Sense” Gun Control

August 18, 2016Aug 18, 2016

Conservative comedian and radio host, Steven Crowder, took to the streets to point out the flawed logic of liberals who openly advocate for “common sense” gun control without actually having any knowledge of guns and their capabilities.

Crowder took to the streets, armed with a video camera and a table full of guns. The guns ranged from small caliber handguns and rifles to black tactical looking weapons. Crowder’s self proclaimed mission was “to see what people know or don’t know about firearms and just how far they are willing to give up the reins to the federal government as far as legislation.”

In the hilarious yet dumbfounding video, Crowder uses the language, talking points and verbiage of liberal politicians and media types to make his point. Watch the video below.