Conrad Roy’s Family Reveals Disturbing Details About Michelle Carter

August 05, 2017Aug 05, 2017

Michelle Carter, the now 20-year-old girl who urged her boyfriend Conrad Roy III to commit suicide via text in 2014, was was found guilty of involuntary manslaughter during a trial back in June of this year. Carter was sentenced to 2.5 years in prison with only 15 months to be served, following her conviction on August 3rd. This case made national headlines, raising an important question: can someone be held responsible for a death from miles away, using words as a weapon? 

In an exclusive special with ABC 20/20, Roy’s family revealed disturbing details about Carter and the tragic case, in general. Kim Bozzi, Roy’s aunt, talked about what it was like immediately after finding out about the suicide, Carter’s bizarre behavior after Roy’s death, and how their family dealt after her conviction.

A video Roy previously recorded before his death was shown. In the video, Roy discussed the details of his depression, saying he “created a monster” out of himself. Given this information, the young man was clearly struggling, but his family constantly worked to save him.

After his death, the family was obviously devastated. While they were beginning the grieving process, very disturbing details about Carter evolved. Carter reportedly reached out to Roy’s family (who she had never met) multiple times to comfort them and even asked for a few of Roy’s belongings, including some of his ashes.

That’s when his family knew something was off. Later, they discovered the horrifying text messages where Carter continuously urged Roy to commit suicide, giving him ideas and asking him more than 40 times in his last week of life when he was going to kill himself.

Bozzi stated, "I don't think that she helped him kill himself. I think she forced him to kill himself. I think she was responsible for his death...I think if it wasn’t for her, he would still be here."

After Carter was convicted, Roy’s family was extremely relieved; they felt like "they won.” Prior to Bozzi’s interview, she also wrote a letter to the judge, encouraging him to sentence Carter to the full 20 years in prison. See Bozzi’s statement below.

Watch the full special on the texting suicide case with ABC 20/20 below. What are your thoughts on this unusual case— can words kill? Share your thoughts in our Facebook comments. If you missed Michelle Carter’s sentencing, read the full details here. Thank you!

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