Congress Betrays American Trust

December 21, 2015Dec 21, 2015

Here are 3 key examples of why the new Republican leadership should be ashamed.

The Congress is right now in the process of passing an omnibus budget deal that Pres. Obama is expected to sign. What is outrageous is that, in 2014, the American people strongly voted for Republican Senators and Congressmen in the hopes that they would reverse Obama's policies.

What seems to be happening now is that the Republican leadership, including Rep. Ryan, is taking the approach "We don't want to pass anything that the Democrats might oppose and Pres. Obama might not sign. Therefore, let's just pass things they like." Here are 3 examples of the problem.

1) In the new budget bill, there is no mention of defunding Planned Parenthood, despite strong public outcry.
2) The Republicans seemed much more interested in boosting oil imports and were willing to give up almost anything for this issue.
3) The President's authority to admit Syrian refugees is not curtailed. There are no demands for strengthening our national security against terrorists coming from the middle East. There are no demands to secure our borders.

When Nancy Pelosi was asked why she and the Democrats supported the bill, she basically said because the Republicans were so willing to give up almost anything that the Democrats might object to.