CONFUSED By The Transgender Movement? Read THIS

May 26, 2016May 26, 2016


The current culture is very, very confused about gender. But they want you to think that they have all the answers. And their answer is: Anything Goes. If you want to be a man but were born a woman, no problem! They even tell this message to young children who don't even understand these issues yet! And if you want to say otherwise, you are now being accused of a "hate crime."

With all of this confusion, we need to be reminded of the truth more than ever. Thankfully, The Christian Post shared 5 things to remember in this new confusing culture.

1) God is crystal clear on gender: "He says clearly in Genesis 5:2 , 'He created them male and female,' and just in case you only believe the red letters in your Bible, His Son (Jesus) quotes Him in Matthew 19:4. What is happening now by the President and Target and others is a rebellion against God's common sense easy-to-understand plan and His distinction between the sexes. It's what happens when man has no fear of God and sets himself above God."

2) You can't change gender: "No matter what you amputate (could that sound more absurd?), or how much plastic you pump into someone, or how many hormones you inject, a man is still a man and woman still a woman at the cellular level. It does nothing to change the DNA in every single one of the 37.2 TRILLION cells in a person's body. AND you're no longer certified organic (but still non-GMO verified)!"

3) Being "transgender" is an emotional disorder, that needs compassion, treatment and healing:  It's like "telling an alcoholic, 'I agree with you. You don't have a problem! It IS everyone else's fault, and you should KEEP drinking Mad Dog 2020. And it comes in delicious fruit flavors so it's got to be good for you!'

You would never tell those people those things because you realize the individual's feelings contradict reality. It wouldn't be compassionate to agree with them, it would be (certainly in the last two examples) downright wickedand destructive to agree with them. And to say that being transgender is normal and should be embraced is equally wicked and destructive."

4) Privacy matters: "The President's edict steals the privacy of man and women, and even little children to go into a locker room or bathroom and not be exposed to the opposite sex.

We put urinals and toilets and showers in separate 'rooms' from the rest of Target or the high school or kindergarten because normal people want PRIVACY from the opposite sex for changing and bathroom business. If it truly doesn't matter, why have 'rooms' at all? Just have a dressing 'area' and a toilet 'area' and a urinal 'area' and a showering 'area.'"

5) This is not at all about compassion. It's about exploitation:  "It's about the sexual left and the President of the United States exploiting people with mental illness for political gain. I'm not sure what all the reasons are, but I do know at least one reason is to tear down all sexual guardrails in society to demolish our nation's respect for God."

The writer says that the only hope is in Jesus. "Jesus said, 'The truth will set you free.' While the treatment differs from gender confusion to anorexia to any other disorder, the ultimate hope is found in the truth that God created men and women to love them, and have a relationship with them. And ultimate hope and healing always comes through Jesus Christ."

We love hearing someone so clearly lay out the truth in the midst of all of this confusion. Do you agree? What do you think about this incredibly strong transgender movement? Let us hear your thoughts in the Comments! Thank you!