Confirmed: Special Ops Raid Takes Down Key ISIS Members

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May 08, 2017May 08, 2017

On April 27th, a joined operation between the U.S. and Afghan military was carried out, resulting in the death of ISIS leader Abdul Hasib.

The raid was carried out by 50 U.S. Army Rangers who are part of the U.S. Army Special Operations. 40 Afghan commandos were also involved in the raid.

Before now, it was only said that Hasib was “most likely” killed in the raid, and now we have confirmation.

All 90 troops were dropped into Nangarhar Province by helicopter. They were dropped close to where the U.S. “mother of all bombs” (MOAB) was dropped on April 13th.

When the troops landed, there was heavy fire and they called for backup support from drones, Apache helicopters, F-16’s and an AC-130. 

General John Nicholson said in a statement that 35 ISIS fighters and high-ranking commanders were also killed in this raid. 

“This successful joint operation is another important step in our relentless campaign to defeat ISIS-K in 2017,” he stated. “This is the second ISIS-K emir we have killed in nine months, along with dozens of their leaders and hundreds of their fighters.”

The tragedies that Abdul Hasib was responsible are horrific.


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