Concert Disrupted by Thousands of Angry Bees

August 04, 2017Aug 04, 2017

Most singers don't consider what their emergency plan will be if a swarm of angry bees descend on their concert, but Matchbox 20 had to deal with just that on Thursday, reports People.

News stations in Tucson, Arizona, where the band were performing, reported the incident. They said approximately a couple thousand bees swarmed the amphitheater at 8 p.m. just as the concert was about to start. 

About thirty minutes later, Bee keepers arrived to save the day, clearing out the angry insects. 

Rob Thomas, the lead singer of the band, made sure to keep the fans waiting outside updated on the situation. He posted a picture of the bee keepers gathering the bees on his Instagram. 

“Beekeeper has arrived!! Still trying to make this happen. Can’t make this up,” Thomas, 45, captioned the photo.

An hour and fifteen minutes after the show was supposed to start, the concertgoers were allowed back into the venue. Police reported that no one was injured. They also added that nothing like this has ever happened before. 

After the concert, Thomas took to Instagram again to thank his fans for patiently waiting during the bee fiasco. The photo he posted featured a beekeeper giving the camera a thumbs up.

“Thanx #Tucson for waiting around,” he wrote. “SO glad we got the show to happen!”

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