Warning: Computer Scam Involving Software Program Could Cost You Thousands of Dollars

September 11, 2017Sep 11, 2017

Authorities are warning consumers about a recent computer scam involving a software program after one woman was conned out of over $8,000. If proper precautions are not taken by consumers, similar scams could potentially cost others thousands of dollars, as well.

This scam first came about when a 29-year-old woman from Wisconsin downloaded a software program called, "Software Media,” which later led to a telephone conversation with a company known as “I Tech Line.”

According to a local news source, a police chief revealed, "The scammer got the victim to allow him online access to her computer and made it appear that he mistakenly gave her a $5,000 credit, instead of a $500 credit, and asked her to purchase Apple iTunes gift cards from local stores and provide him with those activation codes.”

The officer also warned, “There are literally hundreds of variations on these scams and we hear new ones all the time.” According to News.com, this strategy of asking people to purchase funds on gift cards is a very popular tactic with scammers and as of this year, over 1,000 people have lost over half a million dollars in related scams.

This computer scam comes shortly after the major data breach taking place at Equifax, posing a threat to hundreds of millions Americans. Many referred to the unfortunate situation as “one of the largest risks to personally sensitive information” within the past few years.

These recent scams remind us how significant it is to take the appropriate precautions in order to keep our private information safe. Be cautious with the links you click on and the information you provide strangers with via telephone and computer.

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