Company Recalls 146,000 Of These Kitchen Gadgets For Sending Metal Pieces Flying Through The Air

April 12, 2017Apr 12, 2017

If you find yourself cooking or using your disposal very often, a new recall may really interest you.

Anaheim Manufacturing, the company that produced the garbage disposals for the brands, announced the recall this week, after finding the disposals pose an injury hazard to customers, according to reports.

The Consumer Product Safety Commission said metal components inside the disposal may break off and come flying out of the machine while it is in use. Since most people are standing directly over their sink when they turn their disposal on, this is a serious issue.

The company has already received 22 reports of metal projectiles rocketing from customer's sinks.

The company has a list of the affected products here so you can check yours.

They also are asking people to stop using them and contact Anaheim Manufacturing at 800-628-0797 or online at and they will gladly fix yours for you.

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