Community Bands Together To Help a Man Who Walks to Work Every Day

June 29, 2017Jun 29, 2017

Justin Korva, a twenty-year-old from Rockwall, Texas, walks three miles to and from work every day—even in the Texas heat.

Korva was doing just that when Andy Mitchell felt compelled to pull over and offer him a ride, so he didn’t have to walk in the 95-degree heat. Korva told Mitchell about his job and that he’d been trying to save up for a car. Mitchell was so impressed by Justin’s determination that he posted a picture of them on Facebook, writing, “To all the people that say they want to work but can't find a job or don't have a vehicle all I can say is you don't want it bad enough!”

But Mitchell’s simple act of kindness was only the beginning. People in the community shared his Facebook post, and they decided to help Korva get his car. A local pizza place,  Samee's Pizza Getti Italian Bistro & Lounge, put out a box for donations, and in only two days, that box had over $5,500 in it.

They had enough money to buy the car, but the acts of kindness didn’t end there. Danny Rawls, the general sales manager of the local Toyota dealership, decided he wanted to help Korva too by reducing the price of a 2004 Toyota Camry.

I presented it to my general manager and said, 'Hey, let's help the kid. It seems like a great story,'" Rawls told CBS News.

“Not only did they have enough money to buy the car,” reports CBS News. “They had enough left over to pay for his insurance for a year, plus two years' worth of oil changes, and a $500 gas card.”

Watch them give Korva his car in an incredibly touching moment.