Comedian Kathy Griffin Continues to Face a Series of Unfortunate Events

October 20, 2017Oct 20, 2017

Kathy Griffin, comedian who came under fire earlier this year for her inappropriate photo of holding President Donald Trump’s decapitated head, continues to face a series of unfortunate events. Immediately after Griffin was bashed for releasing the brutal picture, she was fired from a gig at CNN and several of her comedy shows were canceled.

Griffin initially apologized, but since then, has continued to bash the President of the United States on social media and in public appearances—constantly retweeting articles that show Trump in a bad light and making some comments of her own. Her actions clearly show that she has no remorse.

In a recent Facebook post, she announced that she has been “blacklisted” in the entertainment industry following her inappropriate photo stunt—she appeared to be shocked that people are disregarding her because of her cruel actions, saying “so what?” in response to the controversial photo.

On Friday, October 20th, 2017, Griffin received more unfortunate news. According to TMZ, a burglar targeted Griffin’s property. The robber reportedly trashed a car that was located in her driveway and escaped freely with a purse, which was later found nearby.

It is unclear if the car or purse belonged to Griffin or someone else from her home, and if the burglar actually stole anything out of the purse.

Griffin lives next door to celebrity couple Kim Kardashian and Kanye West. Apparently, the couple’s cars were also targeted—he trashed three cars in their driveway and managed to take one of their staff member’s iPhones.

The burglar was photographed from security cameras and chased off by a security team, but his name was not released to the public. It is also not known if he will face any charges.

Griffin also recently made headlines for shaving her head in support of her sister who is battling cancer.

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