Popular Comedian Gets Show Canceled For What He Said About Transgender Kids

September 28, 2017Sep 28, 2017

With the gay marriage issue more or less "won" by advocates of gay marriage in the aftermath of the Supreme Court's ruling in 2015, the left quickly moved onto a new battle: transgenderism. Perhaps more than any other issue, the left has consistently pushed greater legal and cultural privileges to those who identify as transgender, and have heavily promoted the practice among children. 

Indeed, a growing number of young children are now identifying as transgender, and many parents throughout the country have been more than supportive. The rise in the growing number of transgender children has been credited by liberals to the greater openness and awareness of LGBTQ issues, as well as the willingness of parents to identify and act early in a child's life when they see signs of gender confusion in their child. 

However, despite the growing number of children receiving hormone therapy in the transition from one gender to another, many Americans are still unsupportive of the practice. This is certainly the case with comedian Owen Benjamin. 

According to Breitbart News, Comedian Owen Benjamin was originally scheduled to perform at the University of Connecticut on October 25. On Wednesday, however, the student group that first invited him, with the support of their school administration, pulled the plug on the event. Their reason for pulling the plug? They claim that they are concerned over remarks made by Benjamin about providing transgender hormone treatment therapy to little children. The problem? He doesn't think it's a good idea to let an 8 year old get a sex change.

In an official statement, the school remarked: "The University of Connecticut is providing you with a notice to cancel the comedy show featuring Owen Benjamin on October 25, 2017. On September 25, 2017, Owen turned to social media to express views on certain marginalized communities. As the comments continued on the evening of September 26, 2017, the tone in the remarks became increasingly negative in sentiment."

The statement continued, "SUBOG does not believe that this comedian will garner the audience of undergraduate students on the night of the event. SUBOG has a mission to bring acts that will cater to the undergraduate students it serves, and they would like to go in another direction with their October show." 

Benjamin has responded to the statement by the University of Connecticut. 

“Being in favor of trans rights does not make you a liberal, which I am, I’m in favor of trans rights,” Benjamin said. “Am I in a favor of preventing an 8-year-old from going through puberty because they want to wear a dress? Of course not. I’m so against that.”

“If that’s going to make me a bigot, then I’m a bigot. Because when I was five, when I was three, when I was seven, all I did was play the piano, weave cloth, go to my dad’s operas. I hated sports, I wore velour pants,” he continued. “I probably would have been labeled trans. I’m artistic, I probably would have wanted to wear a dress at some point.”

Benjamin decided to not back down from his original remarks. Shooting back against school officials, Benjamin took to Twitter, arguing that providing hormone therapy to little children is a form of child abuse. 


The Huffington Post published a story sharply critical of the University of Connecticut, implying that they have "lost their mind." 

More specifically, they point out that this is a common practice in both liberal and conservative circles: to approve only of speech that one personally agrees with. Such actions have been happening all over the country, usually to conservative speakers, although speakers like liberal comedian Bill Maher and atheist Richard Dawkins have also been targeted.

"UConn respects Mr. Benjamin’s free speech rights, along with our student group’s right to determine who it wishes to host on campus,” the university wrote. “The University is honoring the contract’s cancellation clause and paying his appearance fee.”

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