Comedian George Lopez Targets Trump Children, Fans React

June 24, 2019Jun 24, 2019

A famous comedian has just crossed a line that has left very few people laughing. Now, he is making headlines for his words.

According to reports, comedian George Lopez took a shot at President Trump’s immigration policy calling his children, including 13-year-old Barron. Many people felt it was completely unnecessary and that Barron should not be targeted simply due to his relation to the President.

"Lopez took to Instagram on Sunday to share a meme showing Eric, Ivanka and Donald Jr. alongside their mother, Czech-born Ivana. In a lower panel, it shows first lady Melania Trump with Barron. All those pictures have sombreros photoshopped on their heads. Text labels the children as 'anchor baby' and the mothers as 'immigrant,'" according to Fox.

The jab comes as a response to immigration policies enacted by the Trump Administration. Lopez is clearly not a fan of the Trumps despite his former feelings about them.

"Trump has previously proposed ending that status, prompting many like Lopez to note that his children were born to immigrant mothers. However, according to The Associated Press, Trump is the kids’ father, and a citizen of the United States, meaning birthright citizenship could be taken away and they would still be allowed to stay because their dad is a citizen," wrote Fox.

Fans were quick to react on social media. Many people stuck up for Barron and said that Lopez has taken things to far by involving the teenage boy. Some felt it was totally fine. A major firestorm occurred after he posted the image.

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