Colorado State Police Officer Killed in Tragic Accident, Please Send Prayers

March 13, 2019Mar 13, 2019

A tragic story has just been reported out of Colorado. According to reports, a Colorado State Patrol officer was killed in the line of duty.

The trooper was said to have been struck by a vehicle as he was out of his car during a blizzard. Currently, the entire region is under a heavy snow storm and conditions are extremely treacherous.

"Cpl. Daniel Groves, 52, was assisting a vehicle that slid off Interstate 76 in Weld County when someone driving a Volvo 'lost control' and hit Groves, who was outside of his patrol vehicle, Colorado State Patrol said on Twitter," Fox News reported.

Groves was immediately taken to a local hospital. Unfortunately, his injuries were too severe and he was pronounced dead. Officials are now investigating the incident to determine if the driver that hit Groves was driving too fast for the given conditions.

Groves began working for the Colorado State Patrol in July of 2007.

Please join us in praying for Groves' family during this tragic time. We also pray for the safety of all our men and women in uniform around the nation.

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