Mall Shooting Leaves 2+ Injured, Police and Medics Responding

December 18, 2018Dec 18, 2018

The troubling news was just confirmed out of Colorado Springs that a shooting has taken place at the Citadel Mall. As of 2:15 p.m. local time, no information has been revealed regarding how many people were injured.

According to initial reports, officers and medics have been called to the Citadel Mall at Chelton Rd and Platte Avenue just before 2:00 p.m.

A Colorado Springs Police Department spokesperson confirmed that there was a shooting on the property.

The police department is asking everyone to stay clear of the area. As of the time of this report, no confirmation has been given regarding the suspect.

One report claimed that at least two people were injured in the shooting, but no further details were given.

This is a breaking news story. We will continue to update as more information is made available. Meanwhile, please be praying for everyone involved in this situation. Share your prayers here. 

In other recent news, a type of Ibuprofen has been recalled- keep it away from your young children!

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