Colleges Now Preparing Students For How To Deal With Conservative Family Members

November 22, 2016Nov 22, 2016

Colleges and universities this Thanksgiving season are preparing their students for how to deal with Trump supporters and conservatives as they return home for the holiday.

According to Campus Reform, here is some of the help they're providing:
— At the College of William and Mary in Virginia, students were offered a seminar on "how to handle politically-motivated family conflict" around the dinner table. The seminar taught them how to deal with political views that made them "feel vulnerable and distressed" and how to still love people they disagreed with.
— Also at William and Mary, students were given tips on how to discuss privilege and offered political handouts to pass on to families.
— The New School in New York City, students were offered a pre-Thanksgiving meditation event that also doubled as a seminar to teach students how to "show compassion for difficult people" who voted for Trump, such as the "drunk uncle" or "racist aunt."
— Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland compassionately warned students that, "Away from the university, our family and friends often talk about issues differently than what we experience in our on-campus discussions" and offered a seminar to help students prepare for that disturbing fact.
— Meanwhile, the Georgetown University Medical Center in Washington, D.C. advised students to distance themselves from Trump supporters at the dinner table because they might "challenge your opinions."
— San Diego Community College District Chancellor Constance Carroll gave a dire warning, saying that discussing politics with Trump supporters "could be very unpleasant, if not catastrophic."

We wish this was just a joke, but this is real.

By doing all of this, colleges are assuming they've done a great job in getting the vast majority of their students to be politically liberal as well as acknowledging that the academic life they've created on campus to prepare students for the real world is actually a far cry from the real world. Also, colleges are exposing their fear that their indoctrination of students will be reversed by the influence of Trump supporters and conservatives.

What do you think of this?