Colleges Going To THESE Lengths To Console Students After Trump Victory

November 10, 2016Nov 10, 2016

Many people, especially young people, are comparing their grief over Donald Trump's presidential victory to the immense fear and sorrow they felt during the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks, according to CBS Boston. Many have also drawn a correlation between 11/9, when the election was decided in the early hours of the morning, to the 9/11 date.

(Photo: Young Hillary Clinton supporters weep as they watch the election results.)

On college campuses the mourning seems worst as young Millennials appear convinced that Trump is Hitler and that human rights in America will now be abolished. According to The College Fix, campus administrators have stepped in to console their grief-stricken students.

At the University of Michigan-Flint and the University of Michigan-Ann Arbor, students are holding vigils and being offered counseling services. Virginia Tech is doing similar, but also posting numbers to crisis and suicide hotlines.

An academic adviser assured weeping students that, “I want you to hear clearly that you are loved. You deserve wellness. You deserve to thrive. You deserve community.”

Indiana University–Purdue University offered a safe space for students to join together "to process and reflect." George Mason University called theirs a "healing space."

Students at all-women Barnard College demanded that classes be cancelled for a day after Trump won.

“I want no class tomorrow to process. Fearful for my life!! Not trying to do a midterm while crying,” wrote one student who posted a campus-wide petition.

The university president acquiesced in part, allowing individual professors to decide. Virginia Commonwealth University encouraged its students to meditate, get rest, drink lots of water, and avoid scrolling endlessly through their social media newsfeeds. While Iowa State University also offered counseling, one student in particular scoffed at the idea.

Student Robert Dunn exclaimed, “It’s a sad story that campus administrators keep coddling liberal students using my tuition money. The election is over, kids. Time to put on our big boy pants and get to work making our country a better place.”

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