College Gets Rid of Sexist ‘Freshman’ Term, But New Term Makes No Sense

November 29, 2017Nov 29, 2017

As the left continues to spout contradictory messages about how girls just need to listen to their hearts and boys are born predators, but gender doesn’t exist, one historic college has decided to ditch the term “freshman” altogether in the name of “gender equality.”

Trinity College in Dublin, Ireland has a Protestant founding and a history stretching back over 400 years. It dates to the 1590s, which also happens to be the same decade when the term “freshman” emerged in the English vernacular, according to Today I Found Out. The term “freshman” simply means “newcomer.”

But according to Irish news outlet Independent, the term “freshman” is being banished ahead of the 100th anniversary of womens’ suffrage in Ireland. College leadership said the change was “very sensible.”

An e-mail sent to the entire campus said it was a “small but important change” and demanded that all the students and faculty alter their vocabulary to abide by it, explaining that “the commitment of everyone will be crucial to ensuring its implementation.”

The college feared that the 400-plus-year-old term could be offensive to incoming scholars.

"Trinity College can be an intimidating place for new students, so anything that can be done to reduce that is important and welcome," explained Trinity College Student Union President Kevin Keane. "We want Trinity to be as inclusive as possible."

Their new “inclusivity” also applies to their restrooms. All new bathrooms constructed on campus will now be gender-neutral, regardless, apparently, of whether female students and staff members feel their safety is being jeopardized by the move.

So what new term is Trinity going to use as they phase out “freshmen” over the next few years? Fresh. Yes, fresh. No information was provided on what the plural of “fresh” even it is when used in reference to multiple students. Freshies?

This phenomenon is not isolated to Trinity. Back in 2012, the University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill made a similar move. According to Campus Reform, they changed the term "freshman" to "first year student." They made the move in order to provide "an inclusive and welcoming environment." Earlier this year, Yale enacted the same change, the Yale Daily News reported.

What do you think of this? In other news, a well-known pastor and gospel singer has died of a heart attack or stroke at the age of only 32.

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