Colin Kaepernick's Attorney Makes Surprise Statement About His Football Career

September 21, 2018Sep 21, 2018

Former San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick recently resurfaced back into the spotlight after becoming the face of a controversial Nike advertisement. The ad showcased Kaepernick as a hero who “sacrificed everything,” appearing to refer to him losing his football career over the national anthem protesting.

However, recent reports suggested that Kaepernick may potentially return to the football field. Kaepernick’s attorney, Mark Geragos, hinted that certain teams are interested in signing the disgraced football star.

“I would just stay week there may be some news,” Geragos told TMZ reporters. “That’s as far as I’m going to go.”

According to his attorney, Kaepernick has been keeping up-to-speed this football season — especially with players who are continuing the kneeling tradition, such as Kenny Stills from the Miami Dolphins. Two teams are reportedly interested in signing Kaepernick.

“I’ve got two other teams that will remain nameless...I’ll just say this: If Al Davis was still alive,” he said of the former owner and GM of the Oakland Raiders.

Geragos also hinted that the New England Patriots were interested in signing him. However, these comments have not been directly confirmed by the allegedly interested teams.

Watch the TMZ video below to see Geragos’ remarks:

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