Coco Austin Bathes Daughter Chanel, 6, in the Sink

Coco Austin with her daughter Chanel.
Coco Austin/Instagram

A novel method. Coco AustinAfter revealing that Chanel, 6-years-old, sometimes bathes in the sink with her husband, she sent out a flurry of social media posts.

43-year old model gave her followers a glimpse into her life at home with her child in a TikTok clip, which she also uploaded via Instagram Thursday, September 22. “Chanel’s 1st fashion show as a Prospector,” she captioned the clip. “This was from an hour before getting ready.”

Austin began the footage by focusing on “bath time” with her daughter. “The sink is the easiest when you have to be fast,” she wrote, showing Chanel sitting in a makeshift tub and playing on a tablet.

Coco Austin Confuses Fans by Bathing 6-Year-Old Chanel Daughter in the Sink

Ice-T and Coco Austin’s daughter Chanel.
Coco Austin/TikTok (2)

The reality star then showed her own getting ready, curling her hair and choosing the right pair of shoes. However, fans couldn’t stop talking about Chanel’s cameo.

“Damn how big is your sink? I think I need a kitchen upgrade,” one commenter joked, while a second social media user pointed out “how much [Chanel] looks like her daddy,” Ice-T.

Plenty of Instagram users gushed over how much fun the mother-daughter duo had together, but some commenters weren’t so sweet. “Yall still treating her like an Infant,” one troll wrote. Another called Chanel a “big baby,” while a third commented, “She’s to [sic] old to be in the sink..that was really Awkward to see.”

Austin and the Law & Order: Special Victims UnitStar, 64, welcomed their daughter in 2015. They had been married 13 years before. The pair have showcased Chanel’s milestones on social media over the years — and have sparked their fair share of controversies in the process.

The following is the March 2020 edition Ice Loves Coco alum explained that her daughter — then 4 years old — still nursed “for comfort,” which garnered criticism from mom-shamers online. “Believe me, the girl loves meat so it’s not like she isn’t eating real food,” Austin wrote at the time. “Thank you to all that understand my view. I can see that most of you are eager to support me, and I also root for you on your journey. Us moms are connected.”

The California native’s philosophy hadn’t changed by the following July. “Chanel still likes my boobs,” she told Us WeeklyExclusively at the time. “It’s a big bonding moment for a mother and your child. … If she doesn’t want it, all right, that’s where you stop it. But I’m not just going to say no.”

Earlier this year, Austin was given grief for pushing her daughter in a stroller, but she didn’t let the negativity get her down. “Oh lord!! Really people?” she tweeted in May. “The world loves to criticize [literally] everything I do!”

She continued: “This stroller thing trending right now [and the comments]My idea of Chanel being pushed around in a stroller is absurd! Isn’t there a war & mass shootings going as we speak & you’d rather mess with my mothering? SMH.”

Like his wife, the rapper doesn’t give in to the parenting police. “Rule one on the internet: Do not pay attention to anything anyone says on the internet,” he teased during an October 2021 appearance on The View. “Worry about the people that walk up to you and say things in your real life. Those are the people that you should be concerned about. The internet is the entire world. It’s the world talking, so I don’t pay attention.”