Co-ed Boot Camps, Gender Neutral Military Titles Coming In April

January 15, 2016Jan 15, 2016

The Marine Corps has new orders: Make boot camp co-ed and remove specific genders for job titles.


According to Marine Corps Times, the Marines have until April 1 to meet these demands as part of the push for full gender integration in the U.S. military.

Some iconic titles can remain, such as "midshipman," "infantryman," and "midshipman," but titles that include "man" as a separate word must become more gender-neutral. Mixing men and women in recruit training and officer candidate school brings up bigger considerations, though.

Navy Secretary Ray Mabus explains, "The barracks in San Diego are H-shaped, for example, so you can see everything that's going on. If women are living in them, do you black out the windows or make an entire building that's theirs? Do you do a floor for men and a floor for women?"