CNN Host Implies All Cops Are Racist And THIS Is The Only Reason He’s Alive

July 08, 2016Jul 08, 2016

CNN Journalist Don Lemon is one of the most accomplished and recognizable African-American personalities on any news network. Unfortunately, being an accomplished journalist doesn’t prevent one from espousing racist and dangerous opinions.

While discussing the recent shootings of two young African-American men by police officers in Minnesota and Louisiana, Lemon revealed his true feelings about the police.

“I am one who always says you should comply with police officers, especially as man of color,” Lemon said. “When I am stopped by a police officer, ‘Officer, why are you stopping me? Yes. Yes, officer.’ Or whatever. I shouldn’t have to do that. I shouldn’t have to be ‘yes, sir’-ing anybody, right? I’m a grown, you know what, man. But I do it because I want to stay alive. That’s why I do it. I shouldn’t have to.”

I don’t know about Lemon, but I was taught from a very young age to show all police officers respect and comply with their orders. Refusing to comply with a police officer always leads to an escalation.

Police officers face some of the most dire situations day in and day out and lay their lives on the line every single day to protect our society. Why should a grown man not show law enforcement some common courtesy? What is it teaching the younger generation when a TV personality tells the youth that can ignore an officer of the law?

Lemon’s rant didn’t stop at his displeasure with showing respect to officers of the law. Instead he made it into a full blown racial issue. “Now, my friends, my white counterparts, don’t do that,” Lemon continued. “They speak to police officers in a way that I would never in a million years. And that is the reality of it. I have to because I want to stay alive.”