CNN Asks Ted Cruz His Opinion on Gun Control; He Lets Them Have It

November 06, 2017Nov 06, 2017

Gun control. Gun control. Gun Control.

That’s what liberals keep harping on following Sunday’s tragic mass shooting at a Texas church, despite the fact that the gunman illegally obtained his firearm — and despite the little-known fact that he was stopped by a heroic resident using a similar type of semi-automatic rifle.

Liberals don’t seem to be winning over conservatives today with talk about adding more gun restrictions, so that’s why a CNN reporter shouldn’t have been too surprised with the reaction she got when she asked Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) his opinion on increased gun control in the wake of the deadly shooting. The reporter popped the question after Cruz visited the church in Sutherland Springs.

“[Garbled] gun control now, sir?” the reporter asked.

“You know, it is an unfortunate thing that the immediate place the media goes after any tragedy, after any murder, is politicizing it. We don’t need politics right now,” Cruz declared.

“You know, I would note that in New York we saw a terror attack just this week with a truck,” he continued. “Evil is evil is evil and will use the weaponry that is available.”

“And I’ll tell you one of the most inspirational aspects in the face of this horror was that an ordinary citizen stepped forward to engage the gunman, heard about what was happening, and just in the moments that it transpired, went, got his own rifle, and engaged the gunman in an active gunfire,” Cruz shared.

He explained, “I toured the crime scene just a few minutes ago, saw where that private citizen hid behind a car and took incoming shots from the gunman behind him. And because of that individual’s bravery, [he] shot the gunman, and as a result, stopped this murder spree.”

“I asked multiple law enforcement agents what would have happened if this private citizen had not stepped forward to engage this person, and every law enforcement agent I talked to said the death toll could have been much, much higher. That the reason that this depraved gunman gave up and got in the car and fled — and didn’t murder more — is precisely because one individual demonstrated bravery and courage.”

“We need to be celebrating that bravery and courage,” Cruz concluded. “We need to be celebrating the compassion and love and unity. Evil, tragically, will always be with us, but so will good.”

What do you think of this? Here is more information on the type of gun the Texas hero was using and how it helped him take on the heavily armed suspect.

Watch the interview with Cruz below:

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