Clinton Says She Only Deleted Non-Work Related Emails, A New Revelation Tears That Lie To Shreds

August 31, 2016Aug 31, 2016

When it was revealed in early 2015 that Hillary Clinton had a private email server that was unsecure, she stood before the press and told the world that the more than 33,000 deleted emails were not work related. At the time she had described them as only regular emails such as correspondence between family members, yoga related material and vacation information.


A shocking new revelation from the State Department on Tuesday shows that Hillary may have lied about that. According to Breitbart, the FBI recovered over 14,000 emails from her server during their investigation. Those emails were not a part of the 55,000 emails that she had initially given investigators.

Of the recovered emails there are approximately 30 of them that are related to the Sept 11th, 2012 attack in Benghazi, Libya in which 4 Americans were murdered by terrorists. Lawyers for the State Department told a U.S. District Court Judge that they can’t release the emails until they’ve reviewed and redacted any classified information from them.

The question then is this: Does Hillary Clinton not consider Benghazi related emails to be work related? If that is the case, can you imagine what else is hidden within the trove of recovered emails?