Clinton’s Campaign Heads To Mexico For Funding

February 10, 2016Feb 10, 2016

Now that New Hampshire is in the books, Hillary Clinton’s campaign is seeking to receive a new infusion of cash into her troubled campaign.   As her national poll numbers continue to free fall, Clinton is courting donors from an unlikely source: Mexico.

According to the Hill, two of Hillary Clinton’s supporters are hosting fundraisers for her in Mexico.  One of the events is being hosted by Ivan Zapien, a Wal-Mart lobbyist who moved to Mexico last year.  Clinton has connection to Wal-Mart as she served on the board from 1986-1992.

Clinton is not expected to attend either of the two fundraisers.

Out of country fundraisers are not illegal nor are they uncommon.  The only stipulations are that donors in attendance must be U.S. citizens or permanent residents of the United States.