Clare Crawley Says ‘Wonderful’ Exes Reached Out After Her Engagement

At good terms. Clare CrawleyAfter her announcement of her engagement, she received many well wishes. Ryan Dawkins — which included several of her ex-boyfriends.

“I have some of the most kindest exes. [The]The show’s men were amazing. [they]I have reached out. My ex Benoit [Beauséjour-Savard] is wonderful,” the hairstylist, 41, exclusively told Us Weekly during the DIRECTV Wives Night Out Event at New York City’s HK Hall on Thursday, October 13. “I adore [him]More than anything else in the universe. We support one another, love one another and care deeply about each other as friends. So he’s reached out.”

Viewers saw Crawley and Beauséjour-Savard, 35, form a connection when they met on Bachelor Winter GamesIn 2018. The couple ended their two-month-long engagement in April 2018. After a brief stint in season 18, the couple split up. The BachelorSeveral appearances on Bachelor in ParadiseThe California native was the star of season 16 of The Bachelorette.

Clare Crawley

At the time, her ex-boyfriend filmed a scene for the premiere — which ended up not making it into the final episode. Crawley was, for her part raised eyebrows after she got married. Dale MossTwo weeks into filming her season, The Bachelorette. (Tayshia Adams was brought on to take over the season following Crawley’s departure.)

After being together for almost one year, the former reality TV star and Moss, 34, eventually parted ways in September 2021. That same month, Crawley met her now-fiancé, 47, and they quietly started dating.

Clare Crawley Reflects on 'Wonderful' Ex-Boyfriends Who Reached Out After Her Engagement to Ryan Dawkins: 'I Have Some of the Kindest Exes'

Ryan Dawkins and Clare Crawley
Courtesy Clare Crawley/Instagram

“The second that I was single he was like, ‘Let me take you out.’ And he knew that I was in such a low point, and I told him I wasn’t even ready to go out to dinner,” the former ABC personality told UseThursday. “I was in such — to be honest — in a depression. And I’ve been through a lot and a lot of things I haven’t even shared that I had gone through that were very difficult in my relationship.”

After going public about their relationship last month, UseThey were confirmed to be engaged. Crawley later received support from her ex-fiancé after she took to social media to share the news.

Beauséjour-Savard replied to an Instagram video of Crawley and Dawkins’ special moment, writing, “Wish you all the love and happiness you deserve.” In response, Crawley praised the Canada native, saying, “You’re the best — thank you thank you thank you.”

Diana Cooper reporting