Claim: Obama, Hillary, Soros DESTROYED Powerful Religious Leader For Political Gain

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March 09, 2017Mar 09, 2017

Shocking claims are coming from some Catholic leaders, including an Italian archbishop, that President Obama, Hillary Clinton, and George Soros destroyed the leader of one of the world’s largest religions for political and ideological gain.

According to Breitbart, some Catholic groups have asked President Trump “to open a commission of inquiry to investigate whether the administration of Barack Obama exerted pressure on Benedict” to resign.

Pope Benedict XVI resigned in 2013 after just eight years as pope “under highly unusual circumstances,” says a group of American Catholics who wrote a letter to Trump.

They add that he was replaced by Pope Francis, “whose apparent mission is to provide a spiritual component to the radical ideological agenda of the international left.”

The letter writers made it clear that “we have reason to believe that a Vatican ‘regime change’ was engineered by the Obama administration.”

Breitbart also pointed to WikiLeaks revelations showing Hillary’s campaign chief John Podesta creating fake, liberal Catholic groups to encourage Catholics to follow Pope Francis’ redirection of the Church to the left.

Archbishop Luigi Negri said, “It remains shrouded in mystery for now, but I am sure that those responsible will be found out.”

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