Civil Rights Activist Asks Very Important Question To ‘Black Lives Matter’: Where Were You When…

July 12, 2016Jul 12, 2016

Across the country ‘Black Lives Matter’ activists are continuing to stage protests laced with racist rhetoric and continuing to disrupt people’s lives by blocking busy streets and freeways. What the protestors are ignoring about their own community has drawn the attention of some of the leaders of the original civil rights movement.

Longtime civil rights activist Joe Hicks couldn’t contain himself any longer when the subject of the Black Lives Matter group came up during a panel on Fox News’ “The Kelly File.” He addressed the lack of discussion about the black on black crime epidemic.

“Last week, three people were walking out a liquor store in San Bernardino, two black men and a 9-year old boy. Walking out of a liquor store, mowed down by a black suspect,” Hick said. “Where was Black Lives Matter? Did you guys mobilize in San Bernardino?”

Hick’s point is that while the protestors are pushing their agenda in response to a few questionable and yet unresolved police shootings, they are ignoring innocent people being slaughtered, including black youth.