Circadian Optics Light Therapy Lamp Is Fighting Fall/Winter Blues

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Do you find yourself feeling more sluggish or sad in the fall and winter seasons? Yes, it’s cold out and you might miss the beach, but it could be about more than just missing the feeling of warm sand between your toes. The changing of seasons brings less sun with it, and this can have a big impact on your mental energy and physical health.

We just try to get through the day, knowing spring is around the corner. But, we can feel depressed, tired, and just plain weird for months. We can’t find a rhythm anymore! We truly do need that sunlight to feel ourselves again — and while the sun may already be going down by the time we’re done with work for the day, this therapy lamp can be plugged in at any time!

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Amazon: Get the Circadian Optics Lamp Therapy Lamp (originally $53) for only $50 Please note that prices are correct as of the date of publication (September 15, 2022), but subject to change.

If Circadian Optics seems familiar, it’s because the brand’s therapy lamps have been on Shark Tank! Light therapy is a key ingredient to a happy winter and fall, but it’s not well-known. This lamp, available on Amazon, boasts 10,000 lux of brightness and is designed to mimic the effect of real sunlight — without the UV rays that damage and burn your skin. This lamp can produce 1000 lux on a cloudy winter day, so it is massive!

Sunlight is an integral part of how our bodies and moods function. When we suddenly lose it, everything can take a turn for the worse. Seasonal affective disorder is a condition that can be identified as a diagnosis. It usually occurs around this time. The “symptoms start in the fall and continue into the winter months, sapping your energy and making you feel moody.” This can also lead to oversleeping and appetite/weight changes. (Mayo Clinic)

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Amazon: Get the Circadian Optics Lamp Therapy Lamp (originally $53) for only $50 Please note that prices are correct as of the date of publication (September 15, 2022), but subject to change.

The use of light therapy could improve your mood, sleep quality, focus, and energy. How does it work? The lamp should be placed 16-18 inches from your face. Once it is on, use the one-touch operation button and select one of the three brightness levels. Let it shine on you for between 15-60 minutes. This lamp has a unique shape with an adjustable hinge, so you can properly angle the lamp to suit how/where you’re sitting!

Just as you wouldn’t stare into the sun, try not to stare into the lamp. Just relax and do whatever you’re doing. The LED light should last approximately 50,000 hours, so don’t worry about it losing steam. This lamp can be used daily to help your mind and body get back on track.

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Amazon: Get the Circadian Optics Lamp Therapy Lamp (originally $53) for only $50 Please note that prices are correct as of the date of publication (September 15, 2022), but subject to change.

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