CIA Caves In To Social Pressure, Makes MASSIVE Policy Change

February 20, 2016Feb 20, 2016

Giving in to the pervasive ‘politically correct’ culture of the day, the Central Intelligence Agency made some big changes.  According to Fox News, the CIA implemented a new three-year “Diversity and Inclusion Strategy.”

The new strategy seeks to recruit more people of varying ethnic backgrounds to the agency.  Seeking to increase diversity even further, the agency is also seeking to openly recruit transgender people along with other representatives of the LGBT community.

The new strategy as defined by the CIA says, “we will continue to enrich our workforce by targeting diverse communities across the United States to meet our talent needs, with dedicated programs for citizens of African, Asian, Hispanic, Middle Eastern, South Asian, and Native American descent; Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Individuals; Persons with Disabilities; Veterans; and Women.”

The agency is not only emphasizing diversity in recruiting, they are also re-training their agents and employees to accept the new progressive agendas being pushed forward throughout the country.  “Diversity and inclusion must become an integral part of our culture to position the Agency to compete for and retain top talent and cultivate a qualified bench of future leader,” the report said. “Deliberative processes combined with greater diversity and inclusion awareness will help combat unconscious bias and foster fair and equitable decision-making.”