Chuck Norris: Why THESE Are The Most Common Resolutions And How To Keep Them

December 29, 2015Dec 29, 2015

Thinking up any New Year's resolutions?

In his column for World Net Daily, actor and martial artist Chuck Norris reminds us that fewer than half of the people who make resolutions at the dawn of the year are still sticking to them by July. But he doesn't want that to discourage you from resolving to make changes for the better in your life.

Norris zeros in on the most common traits people resolve to change: bad habits that hurt us, especially "smoking, poor diet and a lack of exercise."

He remind us that chronic diseases — commonly linked to those bad behaviors — kill twice as many people in the world than infectious diseases, so resolving to be healthier is one of the best things we can do for ourselves.

Norris lists several things to be aware of that could make it difficult to stick to health-related resolutions:
1. Your social environment. If you're hanging out with a lot of unhealthy people, you're going to feel less pressured to act differently and find it easier to participate in their lifestyle.
2. Not being reminded enough of the hard evidence that makes healthy living a logical choice and not being fearful enough of an unhealthy lifestyle.
3. Your physical environment. The less easily accessible outdoor venues for physical activity are, the less often you will partake of them. It's difficult to walk around your neighborhood if it's dangerous, and difficult to bicycle around your area if you're dodging traffic rather than riding on designated pathways and lanes.
4. Not enough pro-health campaigns in our society to help keep you motivated and educated.

But ultimately, it comes down to personal discipline, and Norris reminds us that eating less "red meat and sugary drinks" and choosing "fruits, vegetables and whole grains" instead will certainly help.

Do you make New Year's resolutions? How do you stick to them?