Chuck Norris: We Are In World War 3, But Here Are 4 Things We Can Do To Win

November 16, 2015Nov 16, 2015

Strap on your combat boots. Military veteran and fighter Chuck Norris says we are in the midst of World War III.

In his column yesterday on World Net Daily, Chuck addressed the horrific attacks on Paris by ISIS terrorist who killed at least 129 people. He started out by criticizing Obama for being blind to just how dangerous and widespread these foreign fighters are. And he sees this as part of a much bigger war.


Chuck writes, "I believe these coordinated murder sprees in Paris may go down in history like the Nazis’ invasion of Poland on Sept. 1, 1939, as the spark that lit the fuse for a wider European involvement in World War II."

But he has hopes for our allies.

"I believe, ISIS’ attacks on Paris will prompt Western nations and others to coalesce against ISIS like never before, especially for those countries whose victims lie among the dead and injured."

He sees such a large-scale response as necessary in fighting an enemy he believes "possess a hundredfold the power of al-Qaida."

He lists four things that can be done to protect America from the growing threat of ISIS:

1. Obama needs to wake up, protect our borders, and throw everything we've got at the enemy.
2. Everyone needs to start taking ISIS seriously and stop softening our view of them with political correctness.
3. We should not welcome Syrian refugees because jihadists are hiding among them.
4. We need a new, Republican president who strengthens our military so we can win this war.

Do you agree with Chuck? What else would you add to a winning strategy?