Chuck Norris Says: You'd Better Start Walking

January 08, 2016Jan 08, 2016

Chuck Norris is not just Walker, Texas Ranger. He's also a walker.


In a recent column on World Net Daily, the famed martial artist extols the many benefits of making walking a part of your daily routine. And there may be more benefits than you thought.

Chuck says walking regularly can improve your overall health and wellness by:
1. Relieving stress and tension. And that doesn't just mean talking a walk around the building to cool off at work.
2. Reducing your risk of premature death. A 20-minute walk can mitigate that likelihood by up to 30 percent. Wow!
3. Burning 90 to 110 calories every 20 minutes.
4. Decreasing your lower back pain. Once you unfold yourself from your office chair, that is.
5. Reducing risk of heart attack, stroke, and glaucoma.
6. Reducing your risk of Type 2 diabetes. Inactivity can lead to all sorts of nastiness.
7. Stimulating creative thinking. It can certainly help to step away from a project for a bit and get a chance of scenery before tackling it again, too.

Of course, making your walk a brisk one is more likely to help you see these benefits than doing a zombie shuffle with your face glued to a smartphone screen.

Chuck points out that Americans fall pretty low on the scale when compared to the rest of the world with how many steps we take a day on average. He says just under half of us are getting the minimum of daily exercise required to keep us out of the "clinically sedentary" category.

If you haven't already, then maybe it's time to get your walk on! Chuck lists quite a few benefits here, but can you think of more? Why do you enjoy walking?