Chuck Norris: Obama Has Failed Troops And Veterans In 4 BIG Ways

November 13, 2015Nov 13, 2015

Actor, martial arts expert, and Air Force veteran Chuck Norris is pulling no punches in his latest column criticizing Obama and his policies for hurting both our active troops and veterans.

In a piece posted on World Net Daily, Norris says the president has let down troops and vets in these four ways:

1. Making a mess of the Middle East crisis and pulling troops out of Iraq too early, creating a vacuum for ISIS to fill in the region.

2. Recently authoring U.S. troops to enter Syria and putting them in harm's way cleaning up his mess.

3. Failing to take care of veterans when they get back home. Missteps in the VA are rampant, resulting in denied care for many veterans. 50,000 vets remain homeless, and despite Obama throwing money at the problem, an Annual Homeless Assessment Report in 2013 reported only 6.5 percent fewer homeless vets since the beginning of his administration. In addition to that, the suicide rate among veterans is at an all-time high.

4. Not doing enough to protect the land our troops fought for from 900-plus ISIS operatives within our own borders. Also, planning to close down the prison in Guantanamo Bay, which will bring jihadists closer to home and more easily able to influence others when they get transferred to U.S. prisons.

Is there anything else you'd add to the list?

Norris entreats us, "Let us pray for those troops who are once again being sent back into Iraq and Syria to risk sacrificing life and limb in the battle against America’s enemies. And let us pray for their families who say goodbye to their loved ones and are apart from them this holiday season."