Chuck Norris Hosts THIS Presidential Candidate At His Ranch; Kickstarts His Campaign

September 29, 2015Sep 29, 2015

Chuck Norris hosted an event for Republican presidential candidate Mike Huckabee this past weekend at his ranch in Texas.  Norris had already given his endorsement to Huckabee back in May when Huckabee announced his candidacy.  At the time Norris had said that Huckabee was “the most qualified to communicate with all people, whether liberal or conservative.”


According to ABC News, Norris opened up his ranch to Huckabee and his supporters in an effort to raise funds for the push to the presidency.  Norris gave the attendees a tour of his ranch.  He showed them his movie awards, memorabilia, and his large gun collection.

Huckabee tweeted out a photo of him and Chuck Norris from the event.

huck-norris.jpgNorris had also previously supported Huckabee during his presidential run in 2008.