Chuck Norris Battles Against War On Christmas

December 24, 2015Dec 24, 2015

Liberals love to scoff when conservatives mention the "War on Christmas," but Chuck Norris doesn't believe Christians are merely being like Chicken Little.

In his column on World Net Daily, Chuck cites Rasmussen Report survey results that show “Among adults with school-age children at home, 82% favor celebrating Christmas in public schools, and 61% believe there should be more religion in those schools.”

Yet celebrating Christmas in a way that includes an acknowledgement of its origins in Christ has increasingly become taboo, especially with this year's monumental increase in demands for "political correctness" and attacks on the First Amendment. Sadly, Christmas is just one of the most recent victims in a mounting series of attacks on America's traditions, institutions, and Christian founding.


Chuck points out recent incidents in Kentucky where a Bible passage was removed from "A Charlie Brown Christmas" play in one school and "Silent Night" was replaced in another in the same district. In both cases, the district cited the "separation of church and state" in their decision.

Chuck asks, "What is so difficult about understanding the wording in the First Amendment: 'Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof …'?"

Chuck and his wife Gena are board members for the National Council on Bible Curriculum in Public Schools, which defends the Constitutional right to study the Bible in schools and "to understand the Bible’s influence and impact on history, literature, our legal and educational systems, as well as art, archaeology and other parts of civilization."

He urges readers to use the National Council's starter material to help them defend the Bible's use to their local school districts.