Chuck Norris' Advice To Young Hollywood Actors With Faith

November 25, 2015Nov 25, 2015

Living out your faith in an industry rife with wild parties, drugs, alcoholism can't be easy, but actor Chuck Norris has some advice: Try it.

According to, the martial artist spoke about his faith during an interview with Hollywood TV.

Norris and his wife Gena O'Kelley were asked, “People like yourselves who are parents and who also have longstanding in the business and who’ve been through a lot, what kind of advice do you give to a young person that’s struggling [with living their faith in Hollywood]?”


Norris replied, "The thing is, I know a lot of actors, and, just look in their eyes. They try to be happy but you can see that they’re not. And you see them out partying, trying to fill that void."

He then referred to his own struggles as an actor when he continued, “I did it. I was partying myself to death, trying to fill that void that I had. You see it in all the actors out there trying to fill that void by drugs, alcohol, all the things that are not going to cure that void that they have in them, until they really find their faith.”

But he has found other people of faith in the industry and said, “The actors I meet that have their faith, you can see a brightness in their eyes. And the ones that don’t have it, you can see that darkness in their eyes.”

His advice to those with faith?

Try your faith. Just try it out and see if it works for you — I know it will and it worked for me. I know it will work for them too if they will just give it a try.”