Chuck Norris - A Star Who Served

January 16, 2016Jan 16, 2016

Chuck Norris joined the Air Force in 1958 as an Air Policeman and was stationed at the Osan Air Force Base in South Korea.  While stationed in Osan, Chuck studied Tae Kwon Do and Tang Soo Do.  He would go on to attain the rank of 8th degree Grandmaster.


After he was honorably discharged in 1962, Chuck went on to compete in karate tournaments and compiled a karate record of 183-10-2.  He opened a chain of karate schools and taught the likes of Steve McQueen, Priscilla Presley, Bob Barker, Donnie and Marie Osmond.  Upon a suggestion from Steve McQueen, Chuck made his acting debut in 1969 in “The Wrecking Crew”

In 1970, Chuck’s younger brother Weiland was killed in action while serving in Vietnam.  Chuck dedicated his “Missing In Action” film to his brother’s memory.