Chuck Potthast Visits With a Relationship Coach

It is not easy to open yourself up to love, but it is possible. Elizabeth Potthast‘s father, Chuck PotthastSurviving cancer is a difficult experience.

“I’m cancer free, but the cancer that I was diagnosed with … it affected my life and it’s going to affect me forever,” the 60-year-old tells relationship coach Joy in Us Weekly‘s exclusive sneak peek at the Monday, April 25 episode of 90 Day Diaries. Chuck explains that his first diagnosis was in 2016 and that he has made a complete recovery.

Chuck Potthast.

However, his doctors had to remove his bladder and reconstruct it as part of his treatment. Chuck was insecure about the prospect that he would be able to share his new life with someone. “I have something called an ostomy bag. … And it’s not something that you really want to share with people and be intimate [with] when you have this condition,” he says.

“You didn’t say, ‘I want to have cancer.’ You didn’t select that for your life. You didn’t choose this for yourself,” Joy responds. “And you can’t continue to penalize yourself for what happened to you. … Before anyone can be OK with what you have going on with you, you have to come to terms and be OK with it.”

After listening to her advice an emotional Chuck takes some time to reflect on all that he has achieved since surviving the cancer. “I’ve walked Libby down the aisle, I’ve walked [her sister] Becky down the aisle,” he says, wiping away tears. “I’ve seen three of my grandkids be born … And when I think about that, I thank the Lord every day.”

He continued: “I’m still here. And I’m in their lives and that’s really important to me.”

While the Florida resident is only just opening up about his health battle, Chuck has been much happier to share adventures with his grandchildren — in particular, Elizabeth and Andrei Castravet’s daughter Ellie, 3. The couple revealed that Ellie would be their second child in March when she announced that she would become a big sibling.

90 Days Diaries’ Chuck Potthast Visits Relationship Coach to Help Find Love

Chuck Potthast.

“We are so extremely excited to announce that we are expecting baby Castravet #2! Ellie is SO ecstatic to be a big sister and help momma!⁣” Elizabeth wrote via Instagram at the time, starring a photo of a family outing to the beach, cradling her growing belly. “We appreciate all of your love and support and cannot wait to have you on this journey with us!”

Andrei teased that they were planning to expand their family in May 2021, telling Use, “We’ll see how life will go.” In the meantime, however, they were enjoying seeing Ellie reach major milestones and even learn a bit of the Moldova native’s first language. “I talk to her in my language [Romanian], [her mother] talks in English, and it’s probable she’s going to adopt this language,” he told Use, adding that when he concentrates “very well” he can hear Ellie picking up both languages.

He continued: “She speaks both, basically. She uses my language for water. She uses English for anything else. It’s just funny.”

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