Christine Slams Kody’s ‘Shocking’ Patriarchy Speech

Happily out of the photo Sister WivesPersonality Christine BrownShe is speaking out in support of her ex-husband Kody Brown, called for the rest of his wives to “conform to patriarchy again” after she left the family unit.

“I was super grateful that I decided to leave,” Christine, 50, exclusively told Us WeeklyTuesday, October 18. “It’s so shocking and surprising because he’s not like that. … I mean, back in Vegas, he was like, ‘If you ever wanna leave, we’ll figure out a way for you to leave peacefully and so we can still, like, get together with the kids and things like that.’”

She continued: “I think that he’s just angry and he’s processing all of this a lot different than I am because I’ve been processing leaving constantly, you know, for a year. I knew, for sure, for two years — I knew that I’d be leaving.”

Christine and Kody brown
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Kody, a 53 year-old Utahn, spiritually married Kody in 1994. In March 1994, she announced that she and the Brown family patriarch were splitting in November 2021. The couple have six children together: daughters Aspyn (27), Mykelti (26), Gwendolyn (21), Isabel (19/19), and son Paedon (24).

On Sunday, October 16, Episode of Sister WivesFans of TLC were able to see Christine’s story. Meri Brown, Janelle Brown Robyn BrownThat she was leaving the family.

After the revelation, Kody told his three remaining partners: “I’m disappointed in how I’ve managed this. I felt that all of your independence was more significant [and]That [thought process]We lost a certain amount of community. I guess I’m just sorry we failed.”

Christine told UseIt was difficult for her watching the latest episode. “The conversation where I told everybody that, first of all, I was leaving Kody. … When Janelle broke down, that stands out as one of the things that was hardest to see,” the reality TV personality said. “Just because Janelle really kind of knew and for her to break down like that and just talk about the loss …. what is she supposed to do with her kids now, you know, that was difficult.”

She added: “It was heartbreaking to live it. It was hard to be there in that moment, but it was even more difficult to watch it all over again. And then to see everybody else’s points of view … has been really, really challenging.”

Christine, who moved from Arizona to Utah in October 2021 says that her children were supportive of her decision.

“I have 100 percent approval of my kids. … They all see that I’m much happier now and I’m accessible to them and I live five minutes from Aspyn and half an hour from Mykelti and I see them all the time. So, they all love it,” she said.

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Christina Garibaldi reports.