Christine Quinn Leaves Oppenheim Group Amid ‘Selling Sunset’ Drama

Christine Quinn

Separately. Season 5 Selling Sunset The story ended with a cliffhanger Christine Quinn’s future at the Oppenheim Group brokerage, however, Us Weekly I can confirm that she has left the firm since then.

“It was Christine’s decision to leave the Oppenheim Group,” a source exclusively tells Us Texas native, 33 years old.

The Los Angeles-based realtor’s bio has also been cut from the brokerage’s website. While Christine’s work history is no longer available to view via the webpage, her image still appears in a group photo of the full team at the top of the “Our Team” tab.

Selling Sunset's Christine Quinn Leaves Oppenheim Group After Season 5 Drama: It Was Her Decision

Christine Quinn on ‘Selling Sunset.’
Courtesy Netflix

The Juilliard School alum previously claimed earlier this month that she chose to leave the firm because the company wasn’t forward-leaning or believers in using cryptocurrency.

“A lot of brokerages are very wary about accepting crypto because they don’t understand the inner workings of it, so that’s why it’s very difficult for agents to do these transactions,” Christine — who welcomed son Christian in May 2021 with husband Christian Richard — told Forbes Interview published April 22. “A) the brokers don’t know anything about crypto; B) don’t know how to do it; and C) don’t understand how reliable and how safe it actually is. RealOpen describes the process. [the company she cofounded with her husband] uses is absolutely reliable and fool-proof.”

Christine’s life as a luxury real estate agent has been chronicled on Netflix’s Selling SunsetThe fifth season of, which was released earlier this month. After they had admitted to their friendship, she and her fellow agents quarreled over the new episodes. How to Be a Boss B*tch The author was now in serious decline. Costar Emma HernanChristine even claimed she bribed a client to quit working for her. When Jason Oppenheim Mary FitzgeraldChristine refused to appear at the office or answer the phone to address the allegations.

“It was honestly heartbreaking and just very disappointing. I really care about her as a person and I know she knows that, so I was kind of shocked to see how she talked about me and I couldn’t believe it,” Davina PotratzOnly told Us Weekly in April, noting that she can no longer defend Christine’s actions after the drama. “I truly care about Christine. … But it’s like, she doesn’t appreciate it. At some point, I would never hurt anyone, but I have to just then stay out of it because I don’t know what’s going on.”

Christine kept her distance between herself and the other agents when she returned to work after her maternity leave. Instead, she made friends with the newcomer Chelsea LazkaniHe helped her secure a interview with Jason, who is 45.

Selling Sunset — which was already renewed for season 6 — filmed its first tell-all reunion earlier this week, however, Christine was notably absent from the promo footage.

“Christine tested positive for COVID and out of abundance of caution for the cast and crew, she did not attend the reunion,” her rep told Us in a statement on Monday, April 25. “Producers offered her the opportunity to video chat, but she declined because she wasn’t feeling well enough to do it.”

Season 5 of Selling Sunset is now streaming on Netflix and the reunion drops on Friday, May 6.

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