Christians Targeted In MAJOR Terrorist Attack Over Easter Weekend

March 28, 2016Mar 28, 2016

As Christianity is slowly being snuffed out in America through legislation and the progressive mainstream media, Christians across the world are suffering increased amounts of attacks and persecution, to the point where they are being murdered for being followers of Christ.

This past Easter weekend saw a brutal attack on Christians in Pakistan.  According to CNN, the Taliban in Pakistan murdered 72 Christians at an Easter celebration in Lahore, Pakistan.  24 Christian children were among those killed in the terrorist bombings.

In addition to the 72 dead, over 341 other people were injured.  The terrorist group responsible declared that they had specifically targeted Christians.  The cowardly terrorist group said they would continue to attack Christians.

In the aftermath of the raids, authorities in Pakistan have conducted raids in three cities, leading to the arrests of suspected terrorists.  A large cache of weapons has also been recovered.

Despite the raids, attacks like these are bound to continue around the world as different religious groups, terrorist groups, and enabling countries provide safe haven and support for the assault on Christianity.