Christians Respond To Firing of New Communications Director

August 01, 2017Aug 01, 2017

Yesterday news broke that Anthony Scaramucci was fired even before his official start date of August 15. According to reports, Scaramucci was fired in part due to a strange interview with New Yorker Magazine that Donald Trump and his family found to be profoundly inappropriate for a man in his position. Scaramucci’s firing also came after media reports of conflict with other members of the administration, including Steve Bannon and former Chief of Staff Reince Priebus.

Conservative Christians are rejoicing at Scaramucci’s firing, according to LifeSite News. In fact, many prominent Christians were calling for Scaramucci to be fired even before the official announcement.

LifeSite reports Bob Vander Plaats, an influential religious leader, tweeted that “General Kelly needs to show he’s in charge. First move should be to fire @Scaramucci No place for his behavior...anywhere...especially WH [White House].

Upon first being appointed as communications director, Christian journalist Peter LaBarbera referred to Scaramucci as “Trump’s new pro-gay, pro-abortion communications director.” Despite being a self-described Roman Catholic, Scaramucci’s own social positions depart notably from church teaching.

Other prominent conservatives, including Laura Ingraham, Mark Levin, and Newt Gingrich were also critical of Scaramucci.

Vander Plaats, the CEO of Family Leader, quickly went to Twitter to applaud President Trump for ousting Scaramucci: “Congratulations to @POTUS and new COS [Chief-of-Staff] General Kelly, for making best decision to fire @Scaramucci #culturematters.”

According to LifeSite, other troubling information to Christians conservatives was Scaramucci's support of gay marriage.

It write: “The episode reminded wary conservatives of Scaramucci’s political tone-deafness, such as when in November he bragged to the BBC – as a Trump adviser – about being a pro-homosexual-”marriage” and giving donations to Human Rights Campaign. HRC is the nation’s largest LGBTQ lobby and strongly backed Hillary Clinton in her unsuccessful race against Trump.”

Now that Scaramucci is out, many are speculating about who might be his replacement. 

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